History of the NYC Discrete Math REU

 Summer 2022. The mentors this year were Kira AdarichevaMatthew JungeGuy Moshkovitz, Anna PunEric RowlandAdam Sheffer (only organizing), and Pablo Soberón.


  • Arav Agarwal

  • Julia Carrigan

  • Connor Donovan

  • Kendra Ebke

  • Isaiah Hollars

  • Rachel Leslie

  • Na'ama Nevo

  • Arturo Ortiz San Miguel

  • Danielle Paulson

  • Cynthia Marie Rivera-Sanchez

  • Glenn Sun

  • Daniel Zhu  

Papers produced during this summer:

  • G. Moshkovitz and D. Zhu, Quasi-linear relation between partition and analytic rank, submitted. 

  • M. Junge, A. Ortiz San Miguel, L. Reeves, and C. Rivera Sánchez, Non-universality in clustered ballistic annihilation, submitted.

  • J. Carrigan, I. Hollars, and E. Rowland, Bijective proofs of word avoidance identities, in preparation.

  • C. Donovan, D. Paulson, and P. Soberón, Colorful and quantitative variations of Krassnolesky's theorem, in preparation.

  • G. Moshkovitz and G. Sun, Tight lower bounds for Nullstellensatz proofs, in preparation. 

  • More to appear?

The program was funded by NSF awards DMS-1855516 and DMS-2051026.


 Summer 2021. The mentors this year were Nóra Frankl, Areeba Ikram, Matthew JungeGuy MoshkovitzAdam ShefferPablo Soberón, and Fan Wei. Participants:

  • Hannah Ashbach 

  • Ilani Axelrod-Freed 

  • Edo Biluar 

  • Danyil Blyschak 

  • John Francis Burkhart   

  • Joao Carvalho 

  • William Chang 

  • Dario Cruzado-Padro  

  • Christina Jones 

  • Zoe Ann McDonald 

  • Anushka Murthy

  • Jean Pulla   

  • Jake Ruotolo 

  • Junxuan (Helen) Shen

  • Yuki Takahashi    

  • Kevin Wang

  • Dora Woodruff

  • Jeffery Yu      

Papers produced during this summer:


 Summer 2020. The mentors this year were Matthew Junge, Guy Moshkovitz, Adam Sheffer, and Pablo Soberon. The participants:

  • Riti Bahl

  • Luis Benitez Norat

  • Travis Dillon

  • Clare Hamblen

  • Anqi Li

  • Jack Messina

  • Hanna Mularczyk

  • Kukai Nakahata

  • Max Redman

  • Olivine Silier

  • Yaqian Tang

Papers produced during this summer: 

The program was partially funded by NSF awards DMS-1802059,

DMS-1851420, DMS-1953141, and DMS-2028892.


Summer of 2019. The mentors this year were Adam Sheffer, Pablo Soberon, and Frank de Zeeuw. The participants:

  • Alex Cohen  

  • David Fitzpatrick 

  • Arunima Grover

  • Surya Mathialagan  

  • Sherry Sarkar

  • Alexander Xue

  • Yingyi Zhu

Papers produced during this summer:

Part of our 2018 team


Summer of 2018. This was the first year of the REU. The mentors were Adam Sheffer and Rados Radoicic. The participants:

  • Sara Fish 

  • Matthew Hase-Liu 

  • Robert Krueger

  • Ruifan Yang 

Papers produced during this summer:

This program was partially funded by NSF award DMS-1802059.

Earlier than 2018. Adam Sheffer has been mentoring undergrad research projects for many years before the CUNY Combinatorics REU. In the years 2014-2017 Adam was running such projects in Caltech, and before that in Israel.


A few earlier papers from undergraduate projects mentored by Adam: