History of the CUNY Combinatorics REU

Summer of 2019. The mentors this year are Adam Sheffer, Pablo Soberon, and Frank de Zeeuw. The participants (in alphabetical order):

  • Alex Cohen  

  • David Fitzpatrick 

  • Arunima Grover

  • Surya Mathialagan  

  • Sherry Sarkar

  • Alexander Xue

  • Yingyi Zhu

Papers produced during this REU:

Program partially funded by NSF awards DMS-1802059 and DMS-1851420.        

Part of our 2018 team

Summer of 2018. This was the first year of the REU. The mentors were Adam Sheffer and Rados Radoicic. The participants (in alphabetical order):

  • Sara Fish (Caltech)

  • Matthew Hase-Liu (Harvard)

  • Robert Krueger (Miami University)

  • Ruifan Yang (Boston College)

Papers produced during this REU:

This program was partially funded by NSF award DMS-1802059.

Earlier than 2018. Adam Sheffer has been mentoring undergrad research projects for many years before the CUNY Combinatorics REU. In the years 2014-2017 Adam was running such projects in Caltech, and before that in Israel.


A few earlier papers from undergraduate projects mentored by Adam:

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