The NYC Geometry Seminar covers a wide range of topics in geometry with particular emphasis on Discrete Geometry, Computational Geometry, and Algorithmic Real Algebraic Geometry. The seminar alternates between NYU's Courant Institutes and CUNY's Graduate Center.The seminar is organized by Joseph MalkevitchBoris Aronov, and Adam Sheffer.

  • Seminar meetings in NYU take place on Tuesdays at 6pm, Room 1314, Warren Weaver Hall. 

  • Seminar meetings in CUNY take place on Fridays at 2pm, Room 5383, CUNY Graduate Center. 

Spring 2021:

Due to the pandemic, the seminar is running remotely and not during its usual times. We meet Tuesdays 1:45pm-3:15pm. The first and last 15 minutes are dedicated to socializing (the time of the talk itself is 2pm-3pm). For the Zoom details, either join our mailing list or contact an organizer.    

Fall 2020:

Due to the pandemic, the seminar was running remotely, not during its usual times, and with a special format. There were only three invited talks by senior geometers. 

Spring 2020:

The seminar stopped running after the first two talks due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Fall 2019:

Spring 2019:

Fall 2018: