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Polymath Jr. results from summer of 2022 (partial / under construction)

​       Papers produced during this summer:

  • Conditional sampling via data-driven optimal transport, J. Alfonso, R. Baptista, A. Bhakta, N. Gal, A. Hou, I. Lyubimova, D. Pocklington, J. Sajonz, R. Tsai, and G. Trigila, NeurIPS 2023 Workshop Optimal Transport and Machine Learning.

  • R(K6−e,K4)=30, D. Jones, E. Kahan, and E. Rauer, submitted.

  • Bounds in simple hexagonal lattice and classification of 11-stick knots, Y. Bao, A. Benveniste, M. Campisi, N. Cazet, A. Goh, J. Liu, and E. Sherman, submitted.

  • Solving the n-color ice model, P. Addona, E. Bockenhauer, B. Brubaker, M. Cauthorn, C. Conefrey-Shinozaki, D. Donze, W. Dudarov, J. Dukes, A. Hardt, C. Li, J. Li, Y. Liu, N. Puthanveetil, Z. Qudsi, J. Simons, J. Sullivan, and A. Young, submitted. 

  • Winning Strategies for the Generalized Zeckendorf Game, S. J. Miller, E. Sosis, J. Ye, the Fibonacci Quarterly 60 (2022), 270-292.

  • Schreier Multisets and the s-step Fibonacci Sequences, H. Viet Chu, N. Irmak, S. J. Miller, L. Szalay, S. X. Zhang, to appear in the Proceedings of the 2023 Integers Conference.

  • The Accelerated Zeckendorf Game, Diego Garcia-Fernandezsesma,
    Steven J. Miller, Thomas Rascon, Risa Vandegrift, and Ajmain Yamin,
    the Fibonacci Quarterly 62 (2024), 3-14.

  • On inclusions of multilinear Muckenhoupt classes of weights, K. Chura, K. Powell, J.-O. MacLellan, C. Stockdale, and B. Uy, in preparation. 
  • Some Geometric Observations by Blaschke Products, M. Duguin, J. Guo, D. Luo, Z. Zhu, M. Celik, K. Spinelli, and Y. E. Zeytuncu, in preparation.

  • Symmetric union presentations and invariants of partial knots, B. Clingenpeel, Z. Dai, G. Diraviam, K. Jaber, K. Kar, Z. Liu, T. Miklethun, H. Nagampoozhy, M. Perry, M. Samuelson-Lynn, E. Seamans, N. Xie, A. Wright, R. Zou, A. Zupan, in preparation.

  • Rainbow common graphs must be forests, Yihang Sun, submitted.

  • Linear Recurrences of Order at Most Two in Nontrivial Small Divisors and Large Divisors, H. V. Chu, K. H. Le, S. J. Miller, Y. Qiu, and L. Shen, in Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory 2022 & 2023, CANT VI (Melvyn B. Nathanson, editor), Springer, to appear.

  • More to come!

Projects and Mentors:

  • Machine Learning: Ricardo Baptista, Giulio Trigila, David Gomez, Aimee Maurais.

  • Finding Ellipses: Yunus Zeytuncu, Mehmet Celik, Kamryn Spinelli

  • Large-scale Ramsey project: Anurag Bishnoi, Zhanar Berikkyzy, Luis Garcia Puente, Adam Sheffer, Natasha Morrison, Sherry Sarkar, Eduardo Torres Davila, Gabriel Elvin, George Santellano, Daniel Hathcock, David Narvaez, Lauren Nelsen, Ferdinand Ihringer, Shival Dasu, Surya Mathialagan, Karthik Nataraj, Yaqian Tang.

  • Lattice Models: Ben Brubaker, Andy Hardt.

  • Combinatorial knot theory: Marion Campisi, Nicholas Cazet.

  • Kolmogorov complexity: Johanna Franklin, Michael Chen

  • Commutative Algebra: Ananthnarayan Hariharan, Aryaman Maithani.

  • Number Theory: Steven J Miller, Ajmain Yamin, Daniel Tsai, Hung Chu.

  • Integral Evaluation: Victor Moll, Peter Marcus, Caleb Fong

  • Harmonic Analysis: Cody Stockdale, Michael Penrod, John-Oliver MacLellan.

  • Ribon Links: Alex Zupan, Ana Wright 

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