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The 2023 Number Theory Project

This is a brief introduction to the 2023 Polymath Jr project that will be run by Steven Miller.

Miller's description: "I split my group into lots of smaller groups, co-mentored with colleagues of mine (postdocs, grad students, advanced undergraduates), drawing problems from additive, combinatorial, and elementary number theory, and probability. More detailed descriptions of the problems will be provided later (I prefer not to post as in the past other people have worked on publicly posted problems, and I want to ensure these problems are reserved for the students in my group); to see a representative sample of problems I study with students please go to my homepage:
(note many of these problems, especially those involving Fibonacci
numbers, more sums than difference sets, Benford's law) often have minimal background requirements. The goal is to find a problem that is accessible at a variety of levels, and has a lot of parts that can be split up so
students (individually or in small groups) have a part where they are the
the point person."

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