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Polymath Jr at the 2023 JMM

The first ever in-person Polymath Jr event was a session at the 2023 Joint Mathematics Meetings. Thirteen Polymath Jr groups gave talks about their research results. It was wonderful to see so many impressive results by participants.


Talks and presenters:

  • Free Resolutions of Modules over Polynomial and Hypersurface Rings
    • Zhenye Yang, University of California, Los Angeles

  • ​Tri-plane diagrams for simple surface knots

    • Wolfgang Joachim Allred, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

    • Zack Dooley, Reed College

    • Alexander Goldman, Teacher of Math at Success Academy Charter Schools

    • Isaiah Alfred Martinez, California State University, Fresno

  • Small Ramsey Numbers using Gluing Methods

    • David James, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

    • Elisha Kahan, Yeshivah of Flatbush High School

    • Erik Rauer, University of Minnesota - Morris

  • Betti numbers and Axial constants of homogeneous ideals

    • Audric Lebovitz, University of Michigan

    • Mohamed Essam Lotfi Topala, Wagner College

    • Huiwen Lu, University of California, San Diego

  • Bounds on Simple Hexagonal Lattice and Classification of 11-stick Knots

    • ​Ari Benveniste, Pomona College
      Jiantong Liu, University of California, Los Angeles
      Ethan Sherman, Vanderbilt University

  • Exponentiated Symmetric Matrix Distributions: Formal Results and Intuitive Visualizations

    • Sean Cottrell, Michigan State University

    • Yi Roy Luo, Fudan University

  • Colorings of knots with symmetric union presentations

    • Ben Clingenpeel, Georgetown University

    • Eli Seamans, University of Rochester

  • Aspects of Kolmogorov complexity

    • Wanting Huang, University of Michigan

    • Sanat Shajan, Northeastern University

    • John E. Solak, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

    • Wenxuan Su, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

  • Investigations of v-palindromes and extensions to f -palindromes

    • Chris Bispels, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    • Garam Choi, Colby College

  • Structure of Multilinear Ap Weights

    • Kenneth Stanford Powell, Liberty University

    • Klára Churá, Tufts University

  • Finding Ellipses: Blaschke products and their connection with Poncelet's theorem

    • Jia Guo, University of Michigan

    • Dianlun Luo, Columbia University

    • Zhuoyu Zhu, University of Michigan

  • ​Walking to Infinity on the Fibonacci Sequence

    • Fei Peng, National University of Singapore

  • Distinct Distances with ℓpℓp Metrics

    • Moaaz AlQady, University of Oregon

    • William Dudarov, University of Washington

    • Samuel Speas, University of California, Berkeley

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