Researchers with related interests in NYC.

  • Boris Aronov (NYU) - Works in Computational and Discrete Geometry, with a focus on algorithmic topics. A co-organizer of the Geometry Seminar.

  • Joseph Malkevitch (CUNY: York College) - Works on the combinatorics of polytopes. A co-organizer of the Geometry Seminar.

  • Mayank Goswami (CUNY: Queens College) - A Computer Scientist also working in Computational Geometry.

  • Peter Brass (CUNY: City College) - Works in Computational and Discrete Geometry. One of the authors of the book "Research Problems in Discrete Geometry".

  • Melvyn Nathanson (CUNY: Lehman College) - A Number Theorist focusing on Additive Number Theory (also known as Additive Combinatorics). Many of Nathanson's works are related to Discrete Geometry. 

  • Kira Adaricheva (Hofstra University) - An Algebraist whose works on convex geometries are strongly related to Discrete Geometry.

  • Kevin O'Bryant (CUNY: College of Staten Island) - A Number Theorist with an interest in Additive Combinatorics.

  • Megan Owen (CUNY: Lehman College) - interested in geometric and combinatorial problems in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Medical Imaging, and Computer Science.

  • Sandra Kingan (CUNY: Brooklyn College) - Working in Matroid Theory and running CUNY's Combinatorics Seminar.

Some Other Pure Math Researchers in Baruch 

  • Yumeng Ou - A Harmonic Analyst. In relation to the Discrete Geometry group, Yumeng is working of Falconer's distance set problem, and in general uses polynomial methods in her works.

  • Louis-Pierre Arguin - Works in Probability and Statistical Mechanics.

  • Elena Kosygina - Working on Random walks and diffusions in random media.

  • Andrew Obus - Works in Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory.

  • Arthur Apter - Works in Logic,with a focus on Set Theory.

  • Bruce Jordan - Works in Number Theory.

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