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Baruch College (CUNY): Tenure Track Positions in Computer Science 

Be Part of a New Computer Science Program

Baruch College, part of the City University of New York (CUNY), lies at the heart of Manhattan. It is regularly ranked as the country's top college for social mobility, supporting promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their journey to middle class and beyond. (See also here.)

Since Baruch College was traditionally CUNY's business school, it did not include Computer Science. Our computer science major will start in August 2023. We are hiring professors that will help shape and grow computer science at Baruch.  

We aim to start with a relatively small computer science major at a high technical level. The prerequisites for this major are among the highest at Baruch College. At the same time, we aim to have a diverse group of students, from a wide variety of backgrounds. We hope to also have a diverse CS faculty and encourage women and underrepresented minorities to apply.

Faculty are expected to be active researchers and encouraged to also become members of the CUNY Graduate Center, where most of the research-related activity occurs (seminars, PhD students, and so on).


Who We Are 

While our computer science program is just beginning, Baruch already contains a variety of related people. Here are just a few examples.

(NYC offers countless other computer scientists to work with.) 

Adam Sheffer. Heading the new program. While a math professor at Baruch, Sheffer has a PhD in CS and is part of the Computational Geometry community. 

Giulio Trigila. Works in machine learning, optimization, probablistic algorithms, and related fields. 

Guy Moshkovitz. Works at the intersection of theoretical computer science and mathematics. 

Information Systems. Baruch College has a large Computer Information Systems program, with faculty members working in data sciences and other related subfields.    

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